Our Organization

Black All-American Pageant Systems, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is the producer of the Miss Black America Coed pageant. The word "Coed" in our title represents the heritage of strong women who integrated into male populated schools and produced effective scholarship in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. *Circa 1878.  It does not represent the current use of the term which represents men and women competing in the same pageant.  Although we celebrate male pageantry, our pageant is exclusively for women.

The Miss Black America Coed pageant manifests the spirit of the "Coeducational" tradition. We present the beauty and intellect of college educated women, and provide them an opportunity to use their personality and intelligence to win college scholarships.  We believe that just as athletes gain college scholarships for their athletic ability and academic preparation,  those who practice the sport of femininity in pageantry should also have access to substantial scholarship opportunities.  Pageantry produces intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for young women which propels them to high levels of success on stage, in the community, and in their professional pursuits.

To offer the optimum opportunity for success, we do not charge an entry fee to compete in our national pageant.  Instead of a monetary investment into Miss Black America Coed, we ask our state and college queens to host a MBAC Charm School for school aged girls.  We believe that the investment in the lives of young women extends beyond our pageant to the lives of school aged girls who are in need of role models. 

Miss Black American Teen contestants can receive a registration fee waiver by sharpening their feminine skills at our Miss Black America Coed sponsored workshops or queen sponsored MBAC Charm Schools.  Everyone is invited to participate in our workshops to learn how to compete in pageants and in life!  Our pageant is perfect for first timers as well as experienced pageant girls. At Miss Black America Coed, we are most concerned about developing one's personality and confidence, so that they can lead the next generation of leaders and scholars.We reinforce the same ideas that are championed by parents, schools and churches. 

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