Why should you send your student to the Miss Black America Coed Pageant?

Colleges benefit from offering their students the chance to compete in Miss Black America Coed

  •  It affords your student the opportunity convene with other college students across the country as they all endeavor to gain educational scholarships and share academic scholarship in the field of African American Studies.
  •  If she prevails, she will win a 4 - year, $10,000 academic scholarship made payable to your institution. 
  •  It provides a unique opportunity for service learning through mentoring school-aged girls through the MBAC Charm School.
  •  It provides positive representation for your college in the community through the MBAC Charm School mentoring program.
  • It encourages elementary, middle and high school girls to want to attend your institution of higher learning to obtain a degree.
  •  It is a great opportunity for your student to develop her leadership and organizational skills through planning her MBAC Charm School.
  •  It provides financial rewards for your institution.  If one of your on-campus organizations, or departments, offers institutional support to her while she is preparing for our competition, the on-campus organization or department will receive $1000 from Black All-American Pageant Systems if she wins the national pageant.

Download the Miss Black America Coed College Title Permission Form