Below are questions we have received from some of the colleges and universities who are participating in Miss Black America Coed 2016.

If you are not a college or university representative, but have questions, click here.

What do we do after our campus representative is selected?

1. She should register at

2. Submit a headshot to

3. Submit a transcript to

4. We ask all colleges who are sending representatives to the Miss Black America Coed Pageant to mail a t-shirt with the school’s name, initials, or logo.  The t-shirt should be mailed to Miss Black America Coed, PO BOX 1040, Fresno, Texas 77545.  Our current Miss Black America Coed, Roneshia Ray, will take a picture in the shirt, and post it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to introduce your college and your representative to our organization. 

Does the college have to pay the registration fee with the application?

College representatives are not required to pay the $50 registration fee when the representative is selected by their college.  

What is the entry fee?

Miss Black America Coed does not have an entry fee.  Our supreme effort is to make this experience as affordable as possible for the students. Instead of large fees, we hope that the representatives will host MBAC Charm Schools to encourage teen girls to go to college. (Hopefully, it will encourage young ladies to go to your school.)

Is the college responsible for the students fundraising requirement?

The college is not obligated to provide the student with financial support, but if the institution would like to order a advertisement for the college in the program book to support their representative, it would help the student meet their fundraising requirement.  A full page ad is $250.  You can purchase a full page ad online at

Is the college responsible for the student’s travel?

The college is not responsible for the student's travel nor lodging for the Miss Black America Coed Pageant weekend. However, if the student qualifies for travel funds because they are representing the college in a national competition, support is appreciated. 

How much is the hotel? 

The student may lodge at whatever hotel she chooses.  The host hotel is the Downtown Dallas Omni Hotel which where the Miss Black America Coed room rate is $139 per night.  However,  hotels in the Downtown Dallas area start at $69 per night.

What airports are close to Downtown Dallas?

Airfare in and out of Dallas is extremely affordable. Dallas-Fort Worth hosts major airlines as well as budget friendly airlines, like Spirit, Jet Blue and Virgin Airlines, which travel into DFW Airport (which is 20-25 minutes from downtown Dallas), as well as Southwest Airlines, which flies into Love Field airport (which is approximately 10–15 minutes from downtown Dallas).

When is the deadline?

We would like to have all of the college queens registered and in our system by December 1.  If the college is crowning a new college queen in the spring, and would like to have their college queen to represent them in the MBAC pageant,  we still want to have your commitment by December 1.  All fees are due on December 1, but if additional time is needed to submit fees, we have an extended deadline option for colleges and universities who need additional time due to the systematic constraints of their institutions.