Miss Black American Princess 2018

Jayda Dodd



Bringing cheer and joy wherever she goes Jayda Dodd’s sole purpose in life is to give back to others. As the reigning Miss Black American Princess 2018, Jayda Dodd has volunteered at countless senior centers, homeless shelters, churches, food banks, and with many other organizations. Her true passion lies with bringing awareness to children’s hearing loss. For three years, Jayda experienced hearing loss in her right ear due to several ear infections, sinus issues, and ear drop treatments. During this time of hearing loss, Jayda often responded with “huh” in communications with others because she had a hard time hearing them.  Hence her platform has been named, “Just Because We Say HUH? Doesn’t Mean We Can Hear.” 


Jayda balances her volunteerism with being a star student. The active nine-year-old is an honor roll student who has a great affinity for science. So much so that she rescues animals as a hobby but says no to spiders. She has aspirations of continuing in the field of animal science as a veterinarian. Jayda also enjoys designing clothes for her dolls, singing and writing songs, painting and air brushing art, baking and swimming. She loves being there for her friends and turning bullies into nice people by showering them with kindness. Her love for Jesus Christ and her amazing faith coupled with the support from her family keeps her grounded.


Jayda considers the Miss Black American Princess title a blessing and a step in the right direction towards her future goals. She wants to take advantage of every opportunity afforded her and help others to achieve the same.

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